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We're a rapidly growing community of like minded people who have come to seen.life because our privacy is respected and we still have the freedom to share our opinions without fear of censorship.


We don't sell your personal information and we don't let search engines data mine your posts if you want to make that choice. Once you delete something on Seen.life, it's gone from the site, we won't retain it.

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A lot of good people are stopping by and we're growing by leaps and bounds. It's a clean, well-lit site with few rules and a lot of freedom. We're not going to limit messaging to your friends or censor things about what you believe in. Note: please follow our Terms of Service; swearing, defamation and adult or pirated materials are not welcome.
Lucy - feeling happy with my best friend.
Just now.
Dave Taylor Susie's mom dresses her funny ! Jeez
37 seconds ago
Adam is thinking about shaving, but probably won't.
15 hours ago

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Lots of freedom-loving people are coming by. Your groups of any size are also very welcome.

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